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I credit all of the knowledge I have today to the privilege of countless hours spent learning from friends, teachers, mentors, creatives, clients, podcasts, books, courses, and workshops. I truly would not be where I am today without the generous people who have inspired and encouraged me along the way. Thank you to everyone who has been a part of the journey, I appreciate you. I look forward to meeting new faces and continuing to learn as I go.

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shout out to the brands, apps, and humans who make life a little easier and sweeter.



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This powerful tool helps you plan and manage all your social media platforms



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The best contract templates for small business owners. If you're a service-based business, creative entrepreneur, these are for you!

The Contract Shop

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Quickbooks is an online accounting software that helps manage everything—from cashflow and tax prep to inventory and entering time—all in one place.


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Create engaging experiences for the mobile and desktop visitors to your professional photography website with Showit's drag-and-drop builder.



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Pic-Time offers beautiful online galleries for photographers! 


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HoneyBook to help book clients more efficiently and stay organized


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Northfolk is a design team dedicated to educating and creating totally customizable website templates so you can create a converting website.

Northfolk Templates

Business & Creative Resources

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Get organized. Stay creative.
Milanote is an easy-to-use tool to organize your ideas and projects into visual boards.



O_pen is an app for meditation, movement, and breath work practices
It has truly transformed the way I start and move throughout my day.



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Adobe Lightroom Classic and Photoshop are the two main softwares where the majority of all the photo editing magic take place.

Adobe Suites

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Canva is a graphic design platform that allows users to create social media graphics, presentations, posters and other visual content and is helpful for staying consistent with style.



Integrating this software into my workflow when I was a wedding photographer helped me cull and organize 1000's of images at a faster than lightning speed, so now I'm hooked. 

Photo Mechanic 

I am a big advocate for expanding the mind. Whether that is shifting, stretching, embracing, or  challenging a new perspective, the ability to view life from another's lens is invaluable. When we read, we do just that; step into another world, and that is growth. Here are some books that have made an impact on my life or have just allowed me to relax in the moment, best listened to at 10k feet in the air or read sitting by a body of water.

The Bookshelf

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Cassie Renier
 & northfolk

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Creative Credit

Cup of Media

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Have you ever sat down and tried to write website copy... like truly? It's one of those things where my "how hard could it be" gene was quickly humbled but lucky for me, I have been admiring Rachel and her team for quite some time. Whether ya need a quick chat, an audit, or starting from scratch, I promise your brain will thank you later. 


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Humble Lion


Showit Template Designers


Photographer & Hype Woman

Honestly, there are soooo many incredible humans out there to credit and I hope you know who you are. You've shared podcasts, books, songs, stories, love, and wisdom that have directly inspired this vision and the journey. From tether cables to tethered roots, I am beyond grateful. Here's to the next chapter, I am excited for what's to come.

Admiring any and all design aspects of my website? THANK YOU, ME TOO. Brought to you by these two creative geniuses who design Showit website templates for creative entrepreneurs. Rachel & Sam are incredibly talented and I am simply in awe of the empire they have built. Talk about powerhouse dynamic duo. 

cheers to bringing visions to life

You know those humans your soul just seems to relax around?... Yeah that is KaS. I am so incredibly grateful for her friendship, joy, inspiration, and encouragement. She has expanded my life in so many ways and I don't know what this last year would have looked like with out her. 

If you've ever had the pleasure of meeting Dev, you know she is sunshine in a bottle. She has been a long for the ride since the beginning of this photo journey, so it was an absolute HONOR to finally create with her. The images you see of me on this site are credited to this beautifully talented soul. THANK YOU DEV!

Coming from a creative who is learning how to ask for help, letting other in on your creative process and visions can feel so vulnerable. Lauren has such a supportive onboarding system along with the kindness and patience to gracefully integrate your brain dumps into functional design elements with character. 



Simply Sonder's logo has been a journey... from my own renditions, to ideas based off Rachel's placeholder, to Cassie helping me piece back together my burnt out spirit and indecisive brain dumps to create an intentional design. Fast forward all designs felt part of the story so here is to creating something that will hopefully continue to expand <3

Showit Website & Graphic Designer


  With all my love,