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Heritage & Bloom is a small batch accessories company that unearths the beauty of becoming. Allison inspires and empower women to embrace their unique story through thoughtful and approachable designs. She truly guides with grace and embodies the beauty of embracing our unique roots and passions. 
Allison and I met while working at a local boutique together back in 2018. Since then, it has been such an honor growing along side her and getting to explore our passions and bring our big visions to life one step at a time. I am inspired by her creativity and natural talent of bringing so much beauty effortlessly to everything and everyone she touches. 

Heritage & Bloom- accessories for the beauty of becoming

Product Lifestyle

- Allison Song, Heritage & Bloom

Jackie is a dream to work with! She brings so much intention, creativity, and heart to each shoot. Her humor and joy will immediately disarm you and make you feel comfortable in front of the camera. I have hired Jackie for both product and personal shoots and I have seen firsthand that she brings the same level of enthusiasm, professionalism, and warmth through and through. I cannot recommend Jackie enough!