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Honestly, when Icebreaker reached out to us, we had to take a double take. we had literally just put them on the list of brands we'd be stoked to work with. Are the stars aligning or...? Anywhoozers, this shoot was a blast and a half working with Emma and the Icebreaker team, plus Shy & Jeremy truly filled up my cup with how much we laugh and bounce ideas off of each other. Talk about mutually life-giving dream team all across the board.
Driven by the belief that nature has the solutions, Icebreaker provides natural performance alternatives to synthetic based apparel to create a healthier more sustainable future. They are dedicated to only using what they need and
leaving the planet better than they found it by considering every step in the process. They are truly natural performance pioneers founded in the land of the merino sheep making 91% of they global fabric composition natural fiber and only 9% is man-made as of 2020. Micro plastics sitting against your skin all day? Yeah, that ain't it, Icebreaker is getting us back to the basics in a healthy and intentional way. 

Icebreaker- move to natural

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Emma, Icebreaker Team

Jackie’s vision, energy, and passion give her work that extra secret sauce of excellence. She’s a fierce creative through and through, with the organization + ambition to support her intuition. Jackie’s work beams with personality, depth, and intelligence, not to mention she’s an absolute joy to work alongside on-set. I cannot speak more highly of my partnership with Jackie and I cannot wait to see her success unfold over the years!