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Kate Milford Productions captures brands against the most breath-taking, natural backdrops of the world, from colorful seasonal foliage to vibrantly warm oceans, lush, moody forests and everything in between (think French Polynesia, Aspen, the Redwood Forest, and more!) Every 7 weeks Kate treks to the world’s most postcard-worthy locations to curate all-inclusive, fully-produced shoot experiences for her clients. Just take a minute to imagine your outdoor brand alongside the moody vibes of the pacific northwest, your sustainable clothing line set against the vibrant waters of Hawaii or your clean bamboo bedding set up in a cozy yurt with the mountains of Alaska in the background… sounds pretty magical huh? I've had the privilege to work with Kate several times and it is nothing short of expansive; she got down a tasteful balance between professionalism and laugh-so-hard-you-cry moments to fill your soul right up. This travel loving, incredibly talented human's got your outdoor brand imagery covered all across the world. 


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Kate Milford

Jackie is by far the most fun, comfortable, & genuine photographer I have ever worked with who captured my energy perfectly. Jackie is simply a joy to be around and to do a shoot with her is the best gift you can give yourself! She is energized, confident, and insanely creative and skilled in her craft. I felt so seen by her — she will 100% be my brand photographer moving forward. Do not miss out on working with her! You’ll see that she will put her heart in your shoot and visually represent you the way you want to be seen. A true gem.