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Seb wildblood

Rowdy Mermaid has mastered the art of combining beautifully-crafted Kombuchas and Sparkling Tonics with sustainably-sourced botanicals, fruits, herbs and mushrooms. Not only are they functional wellness beverages, but they are dedicated to a holistic approach that begins with the recognizing everything is connected; whether that is botanical extracts, the type of ink on their labels, or their core values of equality and empowerment for the planet and all the humans livin' on it. Talk about redefining rowdy.
I got to work with Rowdy Mermaid by packing them up for a branded content road trip across the west coast. We planned to meet up with some pals in San Fran and capture these bevies in action and by the time we got there, rowdy was definitely the name of the game so it couldn't have been a better day for a picnic overlooking the sunlit city. 

Rowdy Mermaid- 

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