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  • cinematic feel
  • love of life's simplicities
  • aka enjoy the little things 
  • film inspired style
  • story telling
  • connection
  • emotive/ moody
  • details
  • artistic

Day in the life series

Come With Me Now


Getting to fly out to San Diego to capture a "Day in the Life" (a few days) of The DeLaCastros is a projects that has made it's way into a comfy cozy place in my heart. Logan and Michelle are two of the kindest, most outgoing, and generous humans I know so I getting a glimpse into their everyday was such an honor. They've got the kind of love that reverberates and you can tell they love their people so big and so well. Not to mention they are incredibly multi-passionate creatives who photograph brands and weddings. (Believe it or not, we actually met on a Blundstone project!) So if you are ever on the hunt for a dynamic wedding photographer duo, look no further because you will surely become besties after working with them.

Day in the life of Michelle + Logan in California

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