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It’s giving tasteful “Main Character Energy”

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Jackie Nunnally

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April 11, 2023

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It’s time to let the world see YOU.

You put your heart and soul into your business, and you need imagery that reflects the essence of what you do, how you do it, and your impact on your clients’ lives.

First step: take a deep breath, drink some water, and prepare to get deep.

You’ve done the work and stepped into your audience’s world to understand what lights them up, what they are learning, and the pain points they are facing so that you can truly meet them where they’re at. It is an amazing gift to see life through another lens and walk alongside others as they venture into a new chapter…and now it’s time to show them a glimpse of your world- the big heart and mastermind behind it all.

Apart from knowing no one can bring this vision to life the way you can, you understand at the core of it all, your business is a vessel for connection and community. Just think about the people you’ve met, the places you’ve gone, and the moments you’ve experienced already!

Living in a world where it can feel like social media keeps driving us all further apart rather than farther together, you see what can bridge those gaps to bring more unity to the world around you. After all, we need a connection to others to survive and truly thrive. So the most important thing about this vision is connecting to the people and nurturing what is mutually life-giving.

Coming from a fellow creative desiring freedom and harmony in all aspects of life, I get the nuanced complexity of needing the comfy hidey-hole to recharge AND connecting with the humans your soul can relax around. The connections where love means freedom- free to come as you are, learn and grow, and explore this life together…. Yeah, I am telling you right now, THEY CAN’T WAIT TO CONNECT WITH YOU, TOO!

It’s time to push past those nerves and get your lil’ booty butt cheeks out there with new branding images to let yourself be seen! It’ll be worth it, and I am here to dance alongside ya and capture what lights you up.

I gotchu!

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